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Kira Golden has a wealth of experience from the world of investing in real estate, equities, venture funding, and much more.
Tune in as Kira speaks about Puerto Rico Investing and why this could be the biggest real estate play of[...]
Learn how to “see the future” by identifying market cycles.
Check out how you can start now! Glenn Sutherland and Kira discuss investing in short and long term opportunities out[...]
Seeing Opportunities Where Others Don’t with Kira Golden.
In this episode, Dan and Dennae interview Kira Golden, Founder and CEO of Direct Source Wealth, a real estate development company that[...]
Join us for the next Fix and Flip Tour in Puerto Rico!
You've probably heard us talking about the MASSIVE fix and flip opportunities in Puerto Rico... Now you have a chance[...]
Puerto Rico Golden Circle Trip 2019
A special shout out to our 2019 Golden Circle Trip Sponsors! What an amazing event you all made possible! #cashflowninja #mclaubscher#producerswealth #polsinellilawfirm #polsinelli #rosenthalbros
Puerto Rico Real Estate Firm Begins to Ramp Up!
Kira Golden and her real estate firm Direct Source Wealth have turned to the Puerto Rican real estate market in[...]
Airbnb + Direct Source Wealth – Helping donate to the Puerto Rico recovery!
As many of you know, we have our Puerto Rico short-term vacation rental project (Villas De Campo Mar) listed for[...]
JUST CLOSED! | 220 Units l Indianapolis, Indiana!
Another one on the Portfolio. Congratulations investors!!We are very happy to announce our newest acquisition located in Indianapolis, Indiana! This[...]
Market Spotlight – Indianapolis, Indiana
 Indianapolis, Indiana... Is a market we have been analyzing for quite some time.Why Indianapolis?Let’s start with the basics:The cost of[...]
What is a Back Door Roth?
If you earn too much income for a traditional Roth, you need this tool!! What are your maximum contribution limits?[...]
Are you tired of relying on the stock market?
Over the years, we've heard many arguments as to which asset class is the better investment... real estate or the[...]
WHY invest in multi-family syndications?
 SYNDICATIONS INVESTINGDid you know over 80% of multi-family purchases are made through syndications? Syndications allow you (the investor) to leverage[...]
There is still time to fund your self-directed IRA!
Did you know you still have time to fund your self-directed IRA account(s) for the 2018 tax year? You have[...]
Acquisition and Sale Recap for 2018. A Great Year for Investors!!!
Direct Source Wealth is announcing their acquisition and sale recap for 2018. Beginning in January 2018, Direct Source Wealth finalized[...]
NEW RELEASE! Kira Golden on CEO Money – America’s Business Show
Find out how passive real estate investing can create reliable long term income on this  on this exclusive interview.
Investing in Large Apartment Communities Could Be Easier Than Investing in Single-Family Homes.
Investors rarely, if ever, begin their career by raising millions of dollars to purchase and manage apartment buildings by themselves,[...]
Value or Price, which one do you Focus on?
 Direct Source Wealth is in the business of adding value. By helping improve communities and apartment buildings By helping accredited investors[...]
What is your WHY?
  The most important part of investing is about the "WHY" WHY invest in apartment communities? WHY hold real estate[...]
NEW RELEASE – Kira’s Latest Podcast on Cashflow Ninja.
Creating Cashflow & Community Through Co-Investing. Tune in Below! Direct Source Wealth Investor Communication Direct Source Wealth (877) 592-9145 -[...]
There is Power in Team Investing!
Direct Source Wealth (DSW) is a team player and a co-investor! DSW was founded with a vision to invest alongside[...]
Are you prepared for the next downturn?
Direct Source Wealth (DSW) is in the business of helping investors create MORE than just lifetime wealth; DSW strives to[...]
Happy Thanksgiving – From Your DSW Team
Thanksgiving is a time for us to slow down, get present in the moment, and reflect on the people, places,[...]
Stock Market Plunges! Is There a Better Alternative to Investing?
What a crazy time in history for the stock market! Will the longest bull run in history continue? What alternatives could[...]
What is Generational Wealth and TIME Freedom?
Direct Source Wealth (DSW) is in the business of helping investors create MORE than just lifetime wealth; DSW strives to[...]
Strategy: These 15 minutes could change your life!
Are you able to set aside 15 minutes for a complimentary Strategy Session? A Strategy Session is designed to help YOU identify[...]
What is TIME Freedom?
TIME Freedom is the ability to do what you want, when you want, as much as you want! In other words,[...]
Have you decided?
YouMaking a decision to invest can be overwhelming, but did you know a complimentary Strategy Session with Direct Source Wealth can help address your[...]
Are You Making The Most of Your Self-Directed IRA?
Are you just getting started with Self-Directed investing, or are you a seasoned IRA investor? Regardless of where you are[...]
Have you seen the stock market lately?
Every day we speak with investors about diversification and protecting downside risk; this past week has been especially difficult for[...]
Active Vs. Passive Investing in Real Estate
When do you think of real estate investing, what comes to mind? There are hundreds of different real estate investing[...]
What if you could reach your lifelong goals sooner?
A multi-family real estate is an attractive asset class for many investors. The ability to be 100% passive in real estate investing[...]
Why we love investing in multi-family apartment communities.
Whether a strategy for your IRA or cash accounts, find out if passive investing can help YOU! CLICK HERE Call[...]
Introducing the Pre-Subscribe Feature…
With recent projects filling up faster and faster, we are releasing a new feature at Direct Source Wealth! Introducing the Pre-Subscribe Feature...[...]
Sold! – 186-Unit Apartment Complex in Phoenix, AZ
Congratulations Palm Aire Investors!!! Direct Source Wealth announced the sale of Palm Aire Apartments - a 186-unit residential apartment complex.[...]
What would you do with $200,000 passive income?
Learn how the 500/200 Strategy can help convert a $500,000 investment into $200,000 passive income!  
Have you considered helping others?
At Direct Source Wealth, we're not all about "the money". We believe there is a higher purpose in helping others[...]
Albany Village Apartments | $9,900,000 | 98 Units in Mesa, AZ
Albany Village Apartments JUST CLOSED! Another one on the Portfolio. Congratulations investors!! We are very happy to announce our newest[...]
HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDERED INVESTING AS A TEAM IN REAL ESTATE? Direct Source Wealth is announcing a creative buy and[...]
What an amazing 2018 Golden Circle Trip!
We just had in Moab, Utah this past weekend. So many great people, memories and moments. A HUGE shout out[...]
How to Create TIME Freedom (Financial Freedom) in Real Estate.
What if there was an investment product that offered diversification, preservation of your capital, monthly income AND the ability to[...]
Are you looking to create more freedom in your life?
Direct Source Wealth is a community of investors who are looking to achieve more in life, improve communities across the[...]
Monthly Cash Flow is KEY!
One of the the biggest needs for many people today is the need to protect wealth and convert the "nest[...]
Infinite Returns- Call us 877-592-9145!
It's easy to get caught up in analyzing projected returns on real estate projects. Why not consider an infinite return? Great news![...]
How to turn a $500,000 investment into $200,000 a year passive income!
The Most Popular Strategy by Direct Source Wealth! WHAT IF YOU COULD EARN $200,000 A YEAR WITHOUT HAVING TO WORK?[...]
Stock Falls 19% On Weak Forecast.
Can you imagine your house or rental portfolio falling nearly 20% overnight in value?? What a scary thought! This is[...]
A Key to Success
Transparency At Direct Source Wealth, one of of our core values is transparency. We don't hold things back from our co-investors[...]
Cash Flow Starts Immediately @ 12% Annualized.
Note-Lending Investment Opportunity in Dayton, OH. We have received tremendous interest from investors on this opportunity thus far, and we[...]
You might be an investor and not realize it!
Check out Kira's latest interview with Eliances as she discusses investor stories.
Why we’re investing in multi-family in Mesa, AZ.
We're buying up more units for in the Mesa region of Arizona based on great fundamentals including job growth an expansion.[...]
Your payment is ready! All you need to do is claim it.
Direct Source Wealth is YOUR source for cash flow opportunities: Are you looking for monthly distributions? Are you looking for short timeframe[...]
How many people could you help?
Charity can come in many forms. Many of our investors have started charities funded with Direct Source Wealth deal opportunities[...]
Have you been keeping up with the latest podcast interviews?
The DSW staff provides valuable through Podcasts. Tune in now to learn: How to passively scale your real estate portfolio[...]
Happy 4th of July!
Freedom does not come when you ask. It has to be fought for, created, and built on purpose. On this[...]
Dave Grimm discusses taking care of clients first!
“Take care of clients first.” Dave Grimm Senior VP, Compliance and Infrastructure at Direct Source Wealth is interviewed by David[...]
Another one under contract!
We are excited to formally announce the pending sale of Palm Aire! This project was purchased for 11.2 million in[...]
What Real Estate Opportunities Do We Offer?
I often get the question - "what types of opportunities does Direct Source Wealth offer?" This is an excellent question.[...]
Why Capital Preservation is SO Important to Us!
While it is important to pay attention to the ROI (return on investment) of an investment...We focus more attention on preservation[...]
Don’t tie yourself to a major corporation!
Explore what it can be like to have a life of freedom using PASSIVE real estate investments to pave the[...]
Get paid to go on vacation! – Exciting opportunity
Our Puerto Rico short-term rental investment opportunity (Villas De Campo Mar) is an creative way for YOU to have a[...]
The Very Best Interviews – Delivered Directly to You!
Have you heard Kira’s latest podcasts? Tune in now to learn how to: Passively scale your real estate portfolio. Become an[...]
It’s all about perspective!
At Direct Source Wealth, we underwrite and acquire real estate deals in markets where we see growth potential and equity[...]
Is Social Security Enough?
How do you plan to retire? How much will you need? As you probably know, Social Security was never intended[...]
Why Bigger is Better with Multi-Family Investing.
Learn the many benefits of Multi-Family real estate investing today!
Charity Tax Breaks If You’re Over 70.5 Years Old.
We want to pass along some great news for those of you who need tax breaks!! Did you know... you[...]
There’s SO are many tax benefits for real estate investors.
2018 has brought new tax changes along with it. We found this great article by Forbes that helps break them[...]
Take Care of Clients First!
  Check out Dave Grimm's latest interview below:  
What does Benjamin Franklin and Direct Source Wealth have in Common?
Tell Me And I'll Forget Show Me and I May Remember Involve Me and I Learn - Benjamin Franklin Are you looking[...]
Gain Access to PASSIVE Real Estate Investments!
Are you an ACTIVE or PASSIVE investor or Both? Some investors like to be "hands-on" while others like to be[...]
What if you could reach your goals 10 years sooner?
Multi-family real estate is an attractive asset class for many investors. The ability to be 100% passive is a large appeal. Having[...]
What is the BEST way to diversify in real estate?
Learn from two top industry experts - How to diversify and preserve your real estate capital featuring Kira Golden and M.C.[...]
How to invest in real estate using a self-direct IRA.
Check out this exclusive webinar with selfdirected IRA expert, lawyer and best selling author, Matt Sorensen.
Have you considered private note-lending to generate passive income?
Here is a great article that highlights the benefits. Check it out below!
The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Raising Confident, Self-Reliant Children.
Check out Kira Golden's latest interview with The Conscious Edge! HERE:
Check out Kira’s latest podcast interview with Calibrate Real Estate!
She discusses investing in your financial goals! Listen HERE:
Looking to expand your real estate portfolio?
We found a great article that lays out the benefits of multi-family investing HERE
A FAST way to acquire commercial real estate!
Learn the benefits of CO-INVESTING HERE
Check out Kira Golden’s latest interview on CEO Money with Michael Yorba.
Are you looking for a way to potentially reduce your taxes this year?
Consider the benefits of opening a self-direct IRA. Click below to learn more:
Denver’s multi-family sector continues to grow!
Learn what our investors and Direct Source Wealth are doing about it HERE
Renting is at a 50-Year High – Great News for Real Estate Investors!
The multi-family rental market continues to stay strong! Learn how YOU can invest in multi-family real estate today! Call 877-592-9145 or[...]
Finding a better way for people to invest!
Finding a better way for people to invest and find Time Freedom. Kira Golden founder and CEO of Direct Source[...]
Which real estate investment strategies are best for YOU?
Find out which strategies align with YOUR goals HERE
Have you ever wondered how to invest in real estate without the hassle?
Here are 10 things you need to know about of Real Estate Syndication. Start earning passive income and achieve Time Freedom today![...]
We’re closing several amazing multi-family projects!
Have you ever wanted to invest in real estate on a large scale?   Learn how today! Call us at[...]
New development lots for sale near downtown Denver!
"Call for Offers" 303-358-4250 Deadline: Monday 5/21/2018 $4,000,000+ ($205.44/SF) Uptown Development Opportunity 19,470 SF Site - C-MS-5 Zoning 
Multi-Family Quarterly Forecast
Multifamily real estate can be a great way for YOU to build wealth! Check out the latest quarterly update and[...]
Strategies to develop more cashflow!
  Looking for more cash flow? Check out the video ABOVE Consider the benefits of private note lending. Click below or call[...]
100% Hands off Real Estate Investing
Are you looking to be 100% hands off with real estate investing? visit to learn how to get started today.
Be an Investor NOT a landlord
Being an investor has its advantages over simply being a landlord. We found a good article that sums up these[...]
Stocks vs. Real Estate – Maybe Both?
It is a common topic of debate - the power of real estate investing vs investing in the stock market.[...]
Millennials & Real Estate Investment
85 percent of millennials think real estate is a good investment - What do you think? Check out this article[...]
Is private note lending for you?
We love stories like the one below! Should YOU consider private note-lending? Find out more about Elizabeth's story below... Don't[...]
This is shocking…
What does this chart mean to real estate investors...? This chart is actually GREAT news for real estate investors! This[...]
Eight investment trends experts expect to see in 2018
Occasionally we come across insightful articles that help paint the investing landscape. Here are eight investment trends experts expect to see[...]
Why Work So Hard? – Let Your Money Work For You!
Not many investors know how to passively invest in real estate and be 100% hands off... We offer a simple 3-step process to our co-investors
The Power Of Equity
We discuss the difference between investing for cash flow and investing for equity all the time. So which one is[...]
As the Stock Market Plunges….
This is a reminder of why we love to invest in real estate! Real estate can be a lot less[...]
Learn Who Direct Source Wealth is and How They Can Help YOU!
Have you heard Dave Grimm's latest radio interview with Eliances Heroes Radio Show? For those of you who don't know Dave, check out[...]
Direct Source Wealth Announces a Giant Win for Investors
Direct Source Wealth announced the sale of Paradise Vista - a 352-unit residential apartment complex. Paradise Vista was a value-add[...]
Bitcoin vs Real Estate
Are you speculating or investing? Let’s examine the  difference: Investing: If you’ve done your homework and due diligence and you[...]
Invest Like A Woman
When investors get to know me, they tend to get to know my background. A story I'm the proudest to[...]
The Stock Market – What Does it Mean For You?
As the DOW reaches 23,000 and the S&P nears 2,500... I can't help but remember the devastation the stock market[...]
Why Do People Make Investing so Difficult?
Investing doesn't have to be difficult and you certainly don't have to go at it alone. Direct Source Wealth is[...]
Valuable Insight – Delivered Directly to You
Have you heard Kira's latest podcast with Reed Goossens? Tune in if you want to find out more about: -[...]
Have you tried our complimentary service?
Decisions, Decisions... There is a lot that goes into finding the right investment for you... What are your personal and[...]
A Valuable Secret – How to Create TIME Freedom
What if there was a product that offered diversification built in? What if that same product focused on preservation of[...]
Help us support Puerto Rico
Hurricanes Maria and Irma have caused major destruction to Puerto Rico. We are doing all we can to help support[...]
Puerto Rico Crisis or Opportunity?
You may have seen the headlines in the news recently: “Puerto Rico skids into bankruptcy after years of economic distress”[...]