Understanding the Investment Process

Investing with Direct Source Wealth is a simple process.

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  • Schedule a no obligation consult with your relationship manager.  Learn about our projects and help us learn about your risk tolerance.
  • Optional Strategy Session: Review your overall investment strategy, timeline, progress and long term goals.  Investing without a strategy, vision and exit plan is dangerous.

  • Select a ´╗┐´╗┐project from our list of current opportunities.  Make sure the offer matches your investment goals  
  • Execute the  investment paperwork online or via DocuSign.  Send your wire or ACH transfer to complete the investment.
  • Repeat the process as often as possible.

Notes: Interest starts on the day of the closing on new offers. Interest starts the day that funds are received on offers that require ongoing fund raising.

Transparency: As a Direct Source Wealth Co-Investor, you have access to your investments and returns data, receive regular updates and turnkey account management status reports.  Ask your relationship manager for past examples of what our investors see.  

Which strategy is right for you?

Investing with Direct Source Wealth is a simple step by step process.

Growth Model

The growth model is typically an equity investment backed by real estate. The investor is in a mezzanine debt position (preferred debt) and is looking for a secure, backed by real estate investment which maximizes the potential for return. This is a more common model for those who are not yet approaching retirement. In this model we target a 15% or better annual return

Income Model

Preferred equity positions and / or private note lending. In this model an investor is looking for a monthly income return. This is usually a person who is transitioning past retirement and is converting retirement savings into income. In this model we target a 12% annual return, paid at 1% monthly, usually via direct deposit.

Turn Key Ownership Model

Direct Source Wealth offers a turn key ownership model professionally managed at every stage. Direct Source Wealth makes the ownership process smooth and efficient by offering properties that have been underwritten conservatively and managed locally. Returns may vary with this type of investment but this model offers the highest potential for return. Direct owners benefit from monthly cash flow, long term appreciation potential, leverage and tax benefits.

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