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Direct Source Wealth is a wealth building opportunity for investors using commercial real estate and note-lending as our primary vehicles. The advantage is a passive turnkey model that generates cash flow, tax advantages, and equity growth.  Our mission is simple. Provide exceptional direct investment services, insight and opportunity for our co-investors to build the life they choose.


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Maximize growth in your retirement plan or convert your current holdings into monthly cash flow.​

Tap into the wealth potential of real estate investing without the hassle, headache and individual risk of DIY. Direct Source Wealth handles the deal selection, market selection, underwriting and all of the day-to-day details that often rob investors of profit.

Start generating double digits returns in your portfolio today!​

Real Estate Has Outperformed The Stock Market Since 2000

Core Values of Direct Source Wealth


We give more than we get and we want to work with people who feel the same. When there is a mutual level of commitment, everyone reaps the rewards.


Because there is no such thing as a guarantee in real estate investing, from time to time problems occur. The way to combat this is by being as transparent as possible. We issue regular reports, bi-monthly deal updates and documented pro-formas to keep our investors in the loop at each stage of the process.


Direct Source Wealth invests personal money into our transactions. We align our interests with yours and we walk the walk alongside you. Our success is your success.


The golden circle is our most elite group of investors. This group will be capped at 100 members. Members receive first look at new offerings, two special events per year for business and social connecting, multi generational benefits.


Due to SEC limitations on how deals are structured and offered, members receive access to the detailed data about our current projects. There is no cost or obligation to becoming a member of the website. Your information is never sold or shared with a third party.

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Interested in participating on large apartment buildings to increase your cash flow, or to receive the benefits of depreciating assets? Check out our current opportunities page. 


CEO Kira Golden is an internationally known public speaker on the topic of deal structure, underwriting, fundraising and real estate investing. She has been featured in podcasts and in many live events.

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