You've probably heard us talking about the MASSIVE fix and flip opportunities in Puerto Rico....Here is an opportunity to take part in a live discussion and get your questions answered and come see the properties yourself!  (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER)

Puerto Rico Fix and Flip Program Highlights:

  • Projected double-digit returns
  • Learn how to passively invest using an active fix and flip model
  • Find out why Puerto Rico could be the best opportunity of 2019
  • Learn how to get GIANT discounts on Puerto Rico properties right now!
  • Sign up for Real Estate Tours (Starting@$495 includes hotel and most meals)

You are invited to an exclusive live Q&A webinar this Saturday!This is an opportunity for you and other like-minded investors to discuss the latest 2019 Puerto Rico Fix and Flip Opportunities with CEO, Kira Golden.

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Saturday, March 16th, 2019

11am MST / 1pm EST





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