A Key to Success


At Direct Source Wealth, one of of our core values is transparency. We don’t hold things back from our co-investors and we prefer to work with like-minded individuals who are transparent with us in return.

Be honest…could you or someone you know benefit from:

  • More monthly cash flow?
  • Strategies that could reduce taxes?
  • Better portfolio diversification?
  • Generational wealth creation?

Pay it forward!

I have made it a personal mission this year to work with more great investors like yourself. There is a saying that you are most like the five people you surround yourself with. If you had a BBQ and invited the five people you associate with the most; who would you invite?

Could I give them a call to see if we can be of service? I don’t expect you to know about their finances or even if they would be interested, that’s my job to figure out. Helping others find professional investment opportunities is a great way to pay it forward. If you have someone in mind, please use our referral service link HERE

Profile Image Dave Grimm
Sr. VP Compliance and Infrastructure
Direct Source Wealth, Investor Development Team
Mobile: (602) 290-1469 | Work: (720) 619-2356