Another semi-secret tool of why the rich get richer!

Direct Source Wealth will educate and show you how to create passive income faster, diversify your portfolio and how to pass on your great legacy to the next generation.

Accredited Investors are defined as sophisticated investors by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). Accredited Investors are entitled to access investments that are often more lucrative and not available to non-accredited investors.

One goal of many investors is to reach the accredited designation for good reason. Accredited investors can take advantage of increased passive income opportunities. For example, co-investing in private note-lending and equity opportunities from companies like Direct Source Wealth.

Accredited Investor status opens the doors to benefits that are not available to the average investor, which means that while you are always free to invest in any mainstream investment you choose, you are also in a position to participate in the less visible, higher reward investments.

You are able to make investments in businesses that are exempt from SEC registration, which will allow you to get into various businesses “on the ground floor,” before the general public is aware of the offerings.

Holding accredited investor status widens investment options, to include:

    • Angel Investment
    • Business Startup
    • Crowdfunding
    • Hedge funds
    • Certain IPO’s

Please send me the latest SEC guidelines that define “Accredited Investor”

Since Accredited Investor status means you have more money, it also means you have more money to lose if you’re not financially educated. If you’re fortunate enough to reach that status, be sure that you fully understand what it is you’re stepping into. Financial education reduces the risks.

Many experienced investors are qualified as Accredited but need help making it official.

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I am an experienced and an Accredited Investor. What can Direct Source Wealth offer?I am an experienced investor with a net worth under 1 million. What details might I be missing that would allow me to qualify?I am not an Accredited Investor and will not be ready to review my holdings for at least six more months

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