Direct Source Wealth Investor Spotlight – Ken Reimer’s Story

One of the best things about real-estate investing is the many ways you can build wealth and income streams.

The question isn’t whether you’re a…

  • Buy and hold investor (landlord)
  • Property manager
  • Private/hard money lender
  • Note buyer (performing or non-performing)
  • Fund investor

A better question is what your mix of these strategies are based on your personal goals. This week we have an investor spotlight to share with you.

Ken Reimer is a Golden Circle Investor and Advisory Board member at Direct Source Wealth and has been investing with DSW since the beginning. We are excited to share with you Ken’s investing story in his own words.

How do I replace my income…the wrong way!
I have a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Boston University and attended Harvard for Leadership Development. I started my career as an Engineer in a very large company, and I quickly decided that while I don’t mind working hard, there had to be a better way. So, I started looking for a way to replace my income while seeking financial freedom. I originally thought that the better way was trading stocks. I educated myself, read books, joined various “gurus”, created trading entities, and set out to figure out how to make enough extra income for my family, striving to replace my existing salary in the Tech world. Well, let’s just say that despite the education, sitting under various gurus, setting up multiple trading companies, and trying different techniques – I failed miserably and was terrible at trading. So, I went in search of something else…

Single Family (SF) homes…the answer?
I was fortunate in that my tech career took an unexpected turn in 1998 and I moved from engineering to project and program management, and then operations management. It was there I discovered that not only did I enjoy it, but I was very good at what I was doing, and other people thought so too! Fortunately for me, I ended up at a tech company that was in the right place at the right time, and that paid off handsomely, allowing me some disposable cash. I had already determined that I was terrible at trading the stock market, (although I didn’t quite give up for a few years!) and I had a few friends at work that were starting to buy single family rental properties. My goal was to replace my salary with passive income and look for appreciation opportunities. That was in 2012; and in Austin, TX you could pick up a four bedroom, one story home for around $220,000. So, I bought four houses, putting 20-25% down on each and spent another 5-7% in repair. So, I was on my way…or so I thought.

SF homes, not the answer…Multifamily, that’s it!
The problem with buying SF houses is that you can only buy so many before the bank doesn’t want to give you anymore loans. Then, you are required to qualify for a commercial loan. I had purchased my first three SF rental homes and was buying my fourth when this happened to me. I had two other homes (my current residence, and the previous one that I couldn’t sell, and was in a rent to own situation with the tenants)…I got qualified by a regional bank for $1,000,000, but the interest rate and terms were not great – so I was not cash flowing when I purchased. That made me stop and really look at the SF math. I concluded that buying a multi-family had to be easier and better…I started to look at opportunities; and came across a company where Kira and Matthew were working.This was late 2013, early 2014. So, I got a $1,200,000 hard money loan and ended up buying a 15-unit MF project in Chicago. This was a complete rehab. The project was originally supposed to finish in 6-9 months, but ended up taking 3 years! Kira was a huge help during this whole process as I was pushing and prodding the company I had contracted with to finish. In the end, I learned a lot about what to lookout for, questions to ask, etc. Along the way, I refinanced with a commercial lender at very good rates, and the cash-on-cash return is about 30% for the first two years. I expect it to taper off to 10-15%…

If not single entity multi-family then what?
After the experience on my Chicago property, I started to speak with Kira at Direct Source Wealth regarding what she was doing with the company; and started to invest in various properties as both a private lender and equity investor. To date, I have participated in five projects. This has been great for me because I don’t have to do the heavy lifting, and I get a payment like clockwork every month! I’m truly moving towards a passive income lifestyle…

I still own properties – two SF and my MF in Chicago. I was recently toying with the idea of purchasing another MF. After discussing this with Kira, I found that DSW is now creating opportunistic funds. So, instead of going through the potential headaches of another single entity MF, I have placed some capital into the DSW fund.

On a personal level, I’ve not quite achieved my goal, but my journey has taught me a lot. Now I can see how one day, I will achieve my goal of matching my salary at my Tech job and achieve financial freedom. The most important things to me are my kids and my faith. I’ve been greatly blessed, so I look for ways to serve others and give back. As a result of the passive income I have through my investments, I am now in a position to give back.


At Direct Source Wealth, our purpose is to help investors build wealth through real estate, notes, and via our Note Fund.

So, whether you’re still an active investor seeking direct access to notes and REO, or you’re interested in a passive income-producing vehicle like our note fund, we’re here to serve you.

To your success,

Travis, Ken and the DSW Team

Cut Taxes, Think Big Picture and Achieve The Freedom YOU Deserve 


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Americans prefer REAL ESTATE over cash, stocks, gold, and bonds recently released an interesting article and survey which shows that Americans prefer real estate over cash, stocks, gold and bonds (when asked the best way to invest money assuming you wouldn’t need the capital for 10 years or more).

Bottom Line: Main Street investors have common sense and we live in the information age where you can quickly research and fact check.

Most investors who have been paying attention know stock prices are being propped up by cheap money and corporate buybacks. This survey reinforces what we inherently believe. Main Street investors are nervous about the stock market. Are you?

DSW and our investors love real estate. We understand real estate. We TRUST real estate.

Real estate is where people park money for long-term wealth creation and capital preservation.  A few additional reasons we love real estate include tax breaks, lifetime passive income, diversification and the TIME freedom it can create. We would enjoy the opportunity to share our strategies and insight with you and see if we are the right fit.

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How to Create Time Freedom

We want you to be free. Free from what? Being controlled by time, or “needing” to work.

While there is nothing wrong with having a job, “needing” a job is preventable.

Make a commitment to take control of your time 

Here are 4 steps that will help you get started:

  1. Set Specific Priorities

Everyone’s priorities are different. If retiring before age 50 is your goal, then you need to focus your time doing things that will help make it happen. We have Relationship Managers (free coaches) at DSW to help you identify your priorities and establish a plan that is based upon your priorities if you would like to share your goals and participate in a brainstorming session. We believe that success is comprised of stabilities in your finances, family, spirituality, and physical and emotional well-being. You can focus on one of these, or you can focus on all of them at the same time.  We encourage a holistic view during our strategy sessions. Click HERE to book a no-cost, no-obligation strategy session.

  1. Surround Yourself with other Successful Investors

It is the collective mindset of our investors that enables DSW to have a competitive advantage, I feel very honored to be engaged with the group of investors at Direct Source Wealth. When I set out to find a syndication firm to help bridge the gap between my single-family properties and multi-family investing, I chose DSW because of the expert team and impressive investors. We continue to grow the amazing investor base and quality staff at Direct Source Wealth. Visit our Testimonials Page and Our Team for more information.

We also created what is called the Golden Circle, which is a group of investors with $500,000 or more invested with DSW. We host private events every year where we can all get together, share ideas, philosophies and forge stronger networks together. A truly unique experience that is a rare find. Click HERE for more information on Golden Circle.

  1. Value Your Time

Many of us do not have a clue as to what we do with our time, and often wonder why we don’t have enough of it. What if you could claim more time? If you aren’t tracking what you are spending time on, you won’t have control over it; and time will own you. It is easy to become a slave to your time. We created the DSW blog page to share information, such as market research, analysis and valuable insight to what is happening in the world of real estate investing. The purpose is not only to provide you with valuable information but also to save you time and research while planning and seeking investment opportunities. 

  1. Modify Your Priorities.

Things change throughout the course of life. We set and achieve goals, and routinely set new goals. DSW is here to lend a hand to help folks modify priorities and helping to align them with your investment strategy. The busier you get, the more you have to manage, control and prioritize.

You can truly change your life, achieve more than you thought possible, and take control of your time by partnering with a reputable and knowledgeable syndication firm – DSW. To learn more about how we can help. Click HERE to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation strategy session.

-Travis and the DSW Team

Solar Investing: Not only makes you money, but could save you thousands!


Are you selling your rental properties? Will you owe the IRS a hefty amount in taxes this year?

Are you considering a 1031-exchange? Here is a new idea!

Real Life Example:

Investor nets $1,300,000 on a sale of properties

Federal tax bill is $300,000

$1,000,000 million is immediately available to invest anywhere. (No restriction on where those funds can be invested)

$300,000 is applied to the Tax equity investment which can actually cover the required quarterly tax payment. The tax equity investment will then return up to 20% and possibly more over time.

How can this benefit you?

Something to keep in mind is a 1031 exchange just defers the taxes. Utilizing the tax equity investing strategy can result in a 20% discount on your tax bill; in some cases more.

If you’re considering selling real estate property or a portfolio, and you’re looking for an alternative to a 1031-Tax Deferred Exchange, investing in solar projects could be a lucrative option. Direct Source Wealth is creating a strategy that can help. You can maximize your returns while minimizing your tax burden by investing in the various multi-family projects Direct Source Wealth has to offer, in addition to leveraging this tax equity investing strategy. Please call Travis Watts at 720-445-4523 to learn more, this is a time sensitive offering.


The information contained in this report is not written or intended as financial, tax or legal advice. The information provided herein may not be relied on for purposes of avoiding any federal tax penalties and should not be relied upon as representative of any inheritance or expectancy. You are encouraged to seek financial, tax and legal advice from your professional advisors.

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