Meet the CEO in Boston!

Kira Golden – Founder and CEO of Direct Source Wealth will be onsite along with members of The Golden Circle, and a member of the DSW Advisory Board on June 19th in Boston.

This is a social event with a brief presentation about the DSW investment model; and how we create consistent and predictable returns for our investors.

Kira is dedicated to sharing the success she has enjoyed as a result of her dedication to co-investing.

There is no cost to attend, nor obligation to invest.

Light refreshments will be served.

Click HERE to RSVP. Limited seating available

Why Businesses Are Moving to This Valley Instead (Hint: It’s Not Silicon)

Have you considered investing in the Arizona real estate market? We are asked frequently what markets are best to invest in at this stage in the real estate cycle.

If you haven’t considered Arizona, you might want to check out this article that Inc. recently published. 

Click HERE for article

Direct Source Wealth offers a no-pressure, no-sales, strategy session at no cost to you. Click below to schedule a time: Click HERE to schedule a complimentary strategy session.


To education and financial freedom,

Direct Source Wealth Team

Would you like $100,000 for FREE?

Too good to be true?

Lot’s of investors are looking for the “get rich quick” remedy that is similar to the “miracle diet pill”. As we both know, building wealth and having a great body require a little time and effort on your part, but are both very achievable IF you are open minded and willing to learn.

The truth is, it may not take as long as you think to achieve the results you’re after. Rather than me selling you some “Magic Formula”, I’d like to provide you with two completely free resources that can help you create massive income over the course of your investing career instead, sound fair? No catches, no gimmicks, no upsells… just straight value…IF you’re willing to learn.

FREE download: 9 Self-Directed IRA Tips (a $29.95 value)

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Webinar with Mat Sorensen: Asset Protection and Legal Entity Creation ($195 value)

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To making life better,

Direct Source Wealth Team

Are you exposed to a lawsuit and don’t know it?

It’s been said in a variety of ways…

If you haven’t been sued yet, you haven’t been in real estate long enough

Many investors are walking around with a target on their back because they are easy to identify, easy to sue, and can appear to have deep pockets.

If YOU are a real estate investor, YOU can lose all your property as well as personal assets in one lawsuit.  A lawsuit could be prompted by upset tenants, delivery persons, handymen, guests, neighbors, employees, or even criminals who are breaking and entering.

Let’s face to facts, people fall, buildings catch on fire, carbon monoxide leaks, mold grows, windows break. Bottom line: people can get injured in a variety of ways.

This is not intended to alarm you; but the fact is, you can be sued for something you did or didn’t do; something you should have done or should have known about; or something someone else did, even a criminal act!

Protect Your Wealth!

If you own your investment real estate in your own name or in joint names with a spouse or partner, and you are sued, your other investment properties and other personal assets in your name are subject to seizure.

How to Protect Your Assets and Sleep Well Tonight

Join us HERE to register for a complimentary webinar with Mat Sorensen (the entrepreneur’s lawyer) to learn how to protect yourself.

Can you afford not to attend?

60% of retired Americans are dependent on Social Security. What are YOU going to do?


I was reading a few articles this morning on retirement. There is no question, we have a serious problem to face as a country when it comes to retirement. The question is, will YOU have a serious problem to face?

Every day you have the choice to make wise decisions or poor decisions. Life is not about money and perhaps it is true that money won’t make you happy. Don’t forget what money really means. Getting your retirement right can mean a simpler and healthier life; one without the daily struggle of paying bills, worrying if you will outlive your savings or stressing about where healthcare costs will be in 20 years. Having a solid retirement plan can free up your time and allow you to spend your life the way YOU choose and on YOUR terms.

Don’t be part of the 60%; control your own destiny.

Join us for a free webinar with Mat Sorensen on June 6th about IRA investing and how to retire with abundance. Remember, life is about choices… choose wisely.

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Work Active to Create Passive

There are two types of income – active and passive.

Active income is when you do work and are paid for that work. If you work for a company, you are paid for the hours you work. If you work in an office, you may not clock in and clock out; but you are paid based on the work that you do. The point is, if you do nothing, you are no longer paid!

Passive income is when your money is working for you. Typical passive income sources are front loaded with active work. The ultimate goal should be to have your passive income be your primary income. This is what Direct Source Wealth helps clients do every day (see testimonials).

Contrary to common belief, passive income CAN literally mean zero work on your part. Many investors confuse rental properties as being “passive income”; but there is quite a bit of work involved in most cases. The work is front heavy and it is only IF you are lucky, that you can collect rental checks for many months before having to do work. Investing with companies like Direct Source Wealth who “syndicate” and “co-invest” in apartment buildings offer TRUE passive income; and do not require your active involvement or time. This is the type of passive income we look to establish for investors and for ourselves!

What’s the point…?

The point is, that wealth accumulation is most often achieved when active income is converted into passive income. The higher the return on investment, the better. Why would you keep your money in the bank when inflation is higher than the banks will pay you? Convert your savings into passive income!

If you haven’t yet developed the mindset of an investor or discovered the TRUE value of passive income, you should speak to a real estate consultant (who follows this strategy every day) about how passive income can benefit YOU and YOUR situation. Direct Source Wealth offers a no-pressure, no-sales, strategy session at no cost to you. Click below to schedule a time:

Click HERE to schedule a complimentary strategy session.

To total financial freedom,

Travis Watts
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