Invest Like A Woman

When investors get to know me, they tend to get to know my background. A story I’m the proudest to share is one of my grandmothers. A complete rags to riches story, and one of a powerful female who realized the worth of investing in real estate.

My grandmother and grandfather were lower-middle class, living in southern California in the 60’s as teachers, grandma as home-economics and grandpa as a shop teacher, with two young children. As teachers, their income was lower than most. They realized they needed to begin exploring secondary methods for creating more wealth. They decided to get involved in real estate, buying their first multi-family duplex nearby. My grandma handled the books, my grandpa handled the maintenance. As a shop teacher, he was well equipped, choosing to go to flea markets for parts vs the hardware store. They knew that if they budgeted nicely, they would benefit well from the returns…

After a few years, and with smart budgeting, they had soon acquired the whole block of duplex’s and began to move into multi-family apartment complexes. They solely believe in the buy and hold strategy. They knew that once they paid off a majority of the mortgage, always keeping some leverage for tax purposes, that it would be well worth it!

Fast forward to the 90’s, with my grandfather passing away, my grandmother took over the business and ventured into buying real estate in Texas as California became much too expensive. My mom and I lived in Texas and could help manage her properties. My mother too had ventured down the route of buying duplex’s as a means for secondary income.

Fast forward to today, and my grandmother is now a multi-millionaire, still holding onto those same properties she bought in southern California in the 60’s along with many more real estate ventures along the way. Due to her success, she has generously been able to take her family on multiple cruises, has seen the world, has an amazing art and jewelry collection, multiple vacation homes, but most importantly has instilled in her family the many benefits smart investing in real estate can have on one’s life. Due to my grandmother’s success story, I am even more passionate about helping others succeed by wisely investing in real estate and creating long-term wealth. If a home-economics and shop teacher can create a fortune, you can too!

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