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Direct Source Wealth is announcing a creative buy and hold strategy to help real estate investors create lifetime passive income.

There are many ways to invest in real estate as a team. You may have heard of investing in with private note-lending, mobile home parks, raw land, commercial space, self-storage, multi-family apartments, single-family homes, and the list goes on. Kira Golden asks the question “When investing as a team, are your goals in alignment with the financial firm who’s serving you?”

Kira Golden founded Direct Source Wealth, a passive investing firm to serve investors who are looking to hold real estate long-term and do not want the hassle of dealing with tenants, terminates and toilets. “We would rather get rich slowly using a passive approach, rather than using an active approach with big wins and big losses,” says Kira Golden.

Kira and her firm have developed a strategy that has had tremendous success over the past several years called the 500/200 Strategy. This is a 10-year wealth strategy that is designed to be consistent and to take time, it is not a get rich quick strategy. Though 10 years may seem like a long while, Kira encourages her investors to think back to 10 years ago as a reminder of how fast time goes by.

So what is the 500/200 Strategy? The basic model suggests that if you (the investor) were to invest $500,000 USD into Direct Source Wealth’s various passive real estate projects, you would effectively be able to turn the $500,000 investment into $200,000 a year passive income in a 10-year timeframe. Many investors have found that $500,000 can be made possible by a combination of rollover 401k plans, self-directed IRAs, college savings accounts, savings and cash, whole life insurance policies or home equity lines of credit. While some investors may have $500,000 ready to go from day one, other investors might start with investing $50,000 a year for a period of several years. The 500/200 Strategy was designed with the goal of $200,000 a year in passive income, however, the strategy can be tailed to each investor’s individualized needs and goals. “After all, not everybody desires to have $200,000 a year coming from their passive investments” – Ms. Golden explains.

The 500/200 Strategy Overview:

  • The investor invests $500,000 dollars into one or several real estate project(s) that aim to produce 10% annualized cash flow.
  • Every three to four years, the firm targets a refinance on the properties and aims to pull out 50% of the investor’s original capital.
  • Investors take their extracted 50% refinanced capital plus 100% of the cash flow that the project has produced each year and they roll all the proceeds into another deal.

By refinancing properties instead of selling them, investors are able to get two properties that produce cash flow instead of just one, which enables their cash flow to increase substantially. From this point, Kira and her team continue purchasing more properties for each investor’s portfolio by repeating the same three-step process. After approximately 10 years, the investor will have turned a $500,000 investment into $200,000 of annual passive income. It is important to note, that this is only one strategy that Kira’s firm offers to their co-investors. To see a full video walkthrough of this strategy and more, visit What is your retirement plan?

Direct Source Wealth is a real estate investment firm best known for helping investors create generational wealth while achieving personal financial goals and Time Freedom along the way. The company’s mission is to bring institutional-grade investment opportunities to “main street” investors.

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