Our Team

Kira Golden CEO

Kira Golden CEO 

Kira Golden brings a wealth of experience from the world of investing in real estate, equities, venture funding, and much more to Direct Source Wealth. By the time she was able to vote, she had already had holdings in real estate and the stock market. Less than a decade later, she was able to leave her position as a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones and live off her investment income. At present, she owns investment properties around the world, including Washington State, Colorado, Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Puerto Rico, and France.

As a Magna Cum Laude graduate of The George Washington University with both a baccalaureate degree in sociology and political science and Masters in Public Administration, she combines her “real world” investing experience with a solid academic foundation from one of the top universities.

The most valuable thing Kira has received from investing is financial freedom. She is able to work as much or as little as she would like while spending time as a homemaker and mother.

Paul Hopkins COO

Paul Hopkins Chief Operations Officer

Paul Hopkins spent 12 years working as a Construction/ Civil Engineer on billion dollar bridge and transportation projects throughout the US and Canada. He brings the knowledge and skills of building systems, creating procedures and managing operations acquired on billion dollar projects to Direct Source Wealth. Paul believes in spending time building a solid foundation to support bridges and also businesses.

Dave Grimm Director of Investor Development

Dave Grimm has the ability to condense complicated concepts into everyday language which makes him unique in the insurance and financial services industry. As National Sales Manager with Direct Source Wealth, Dave spends his time with investors who want to safely earn double digit returns by presenting them with custom strategies and opportunities to maximize growth and wealth.

Dave does not believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions. He diligently reviews, consults, plans and implements solutions that are customized to your needs.

Dave has an extensive 23 year business background, with emphasis on mortgage and finance. He has experience in underwriting, risk analysis, client development, designing and implementing marketing and sales systems, problem-solving, entrepreneurial development, direct and indirect sales of intangibles and customer service which provides a solid foundation to serve clients in an exceptional manner.

Danny Woeste Head of Contracting

Danny Woeste has worked in the MF industry for over 30 years, handling all aspects of the Apartments industry. He has created systems and processes to streamline turn over and has established relationships with vendors to ensure great service for the most value. Danny brings an outstanding network of sub-contractors that are instrumental to not only Direct Source Wealth but to the industry itself.

In 2008. Danny was presented with an opportunity to put his innovative multi-unit process to work in the renovation of a 400 unit complex. This was the first renovation of that size and scope which was executed flawlessly. This was a very proud accomplishment for the SM&R team. Danny has become the contractor-guru for Direct Source Wealth.

Travis Watts VP of Investor Solutions

Travis Watts brings a wealth of experience in multi-family real estate, vacation rentals, single-family rehab projects, equities, venture funding, and much more. Travis also has a background working for one of the top brokerage houses in the United States. At present, he owns investment properties in Colorado, Arizona, Ohio and Georgia. Travis real estate experience combined with financial services experience makes him a valuable member of the Investor Development Team.