Past Transactions

Previous Deals Done By Direct Source Wealth

Laredo House

Location:  Aurora, Colorado

Size of Property:  100 Units

Year Built: 1974

Property Type: Value-Add

Palm Aire

Location:  Phoenix, Arizona

Size of Property:  186 Units

Year Built: 1982

Property Type: Value-Add

Lafayette (Phase 1)

Location:  Denver, Colorado

Size of Property:  27 Units

Year Built: 2017 (TBA)

Property Type: Development

Paradise Vista

Location:  Glendale, Arizona

Size of Property:  352 Units

Year Built: 1974

Property Type: Value-Add

Bridges Of Pine Creek (Equity)

Location:  Dayton, Ohio

Size of Property:  315 Units

Year Built: 1971

Property Type: Value-Add

Villas De Campo Mar

Location:  Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Size of Property:  30 Units

Year Built: 2007

Property Type: Vacation Rentals

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