CashFlow Ninja with MC Laubscher

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Kira Golden has a wealth of experience from the world of investing in real estate, equities, venture funding, and much more. By the time she was able to vote, she had already had holdings in real estate and the stock market. Less than a decade later, she was able to leave her position as a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones and live off her investment income. Kira discusses financial freedom and how to live the lifestyle you choose. 

Get Rich Education with Keith Weinhold

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Keith Weinhold and Kira Golden discuss a clever technique for leveraging her vacation rentals inside her portfolio to have better tenants, better occupancy and timely rent payments. Kira explains how she started investing in the US and internationally, and how she continues to grow the vision and wealth for her family, company and co-investors.

Amplified Network Marketing with David T.S. Wood

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There are many ways you can use the money you make through your network marketing to increase your overall cash-flow and build wealth over the long term. It doesn’t all have to happen through the business activities of you and your team. One of David’s favorite ways to build wealth is through real estate. On today’s show, David is chatting with Kira Golden McClellan and Matthew McClellan…..

Cash Flow Diary Podcast with J. Massey

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Jack and Jill of all trades, Matthew and Kira McClellan, started a company to help lots of people just like you access cash-flow opportunities across the world called Direct Source Wealth. This is the company Matthew and Kira built together, starting in the single-family housing space and then progressing through commercial and multi-family. This includes vacation rentals.

Epic Real Estate Investing with Matt Theriault

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Today Matt welcomes an incredibly talented and creative investor to the show, Mrs. Kira Golden. Kira holds over 1,000 doors across the world and isn’t stopping any time soon! She owns a lifestyle investing company called Direct Source Wealth which, among other things, leverages vacation rentals to reduce vacancies and uncollectables and boost rent rates and tenant quality in her traditional buy and hold portfolio. You don’t want to miss it!