Our Clients – Testimonials

Most of our clients consider themselves as “normal people” who have educated themselves about money, finance, and wealth creation. They are sophisticated investors that have experience in financial and business matters. Their business and financial acumen enables them to fully understand prospective investments, the merits and the risks of direct investing.

Our clients see the value of direct investing, passive income, and building a long-term relationships with a wealth building team who invests alongside them. DSW core philosophy is to align our financial interests whenever and however possible. In many cases our clients have moved away from traditional fee or commission based advisors.

Our clients have expressed that they care deeply for family, community and the impact they have on the world. Often, their long-term goals are focused on building generational wealth. Most importantly, our clients are unlike many people in this world, as they strive each day to be more fully themselves. Rather than working to make money, they work for the love of what they do.