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Chris & Serena

Real Estate Investors

There's just tremendous support and enthusiasm for the project to get it moving forward. Very exciting to be a part of this. Very excited to see where this is going. Very exciting to come back next time and see all the progress that will happen when we come back again.

Mark Costello

Real Estate Investor

I could not be happier with the investments I have with Direct Source Wealth. Quite frankly it has allowed me to take my active income and turn it into a passive income. This has allowed me to retire young and enjoy doing the things I'm doing while holding investments in a secure financial environment.

Mark Lusson

​Thanks so much. I invested with another group before I found you guys, and I can tell you the communication and ease of transactions is great compared to them. I have one more investment with them that is coming due and I am looking forward to moving the money to Direct Source Wealth.

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